Thursday, 13 March 2014

Some of the track makers from the Main Brijun island

The Main Brijun island, Istria, Croatia, Cretaceous

Here are a few of the track makers from the main Brijun island (Veli Brijun), Istria, Croatia. At the top is the large Barremian (early Cretaceous) theropod. It's footprint is 62 cm long. The animal was probably about 8 meters long. In the middle is an iguanodontoid with a footprint 56 cm long.  The dinosaur would have been about 8 meters long. Both are from the Pogledalo promontory. At the bottom is the late Santonian (late Cretaceous) hadrosaur from the Pljesivac (Kamnik) promontory. 

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