Monday, 30 March 2015

New tracks

Yesterday afternoon, I was walking along the outcrop near Pula, that I had visited only once before while searching for tracks. This time I had a bit more luck. I have found a couple of large theropod footprints in a straight line, but not as a complete sequence. The third, middle footprint was missing because it was covered with the rock layers. Although the state of preservation is rather poor, it seems both prints are from the left foot and the missing one is the right foot. The animal was walking fast with a rather long gait. The length of the footprint is about 45 cm.

 The last image above is my interpretative footprint outline.

 The outcrop has some interesting geological features. Gypsum crystals are quite abundant.

Here is another track site (probably sauropods) about a 100 meters further down the beach.

 Gypsum crystals are abundant and are glittering in the sun.

Many of the rocks are broken in a way as if they have been cut by a man. Which, of course, is not the case here.