Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Tracks, tracks again

A mid-Cretaceous layer from the Solaris outcrop, with mud cracks and a possible dinosaur track. The ripple marks on a lower layer. I was standing on the rock that was about 80 cm above the layer with the mud cracks.

A possible sauropod track with my interpretative outline (Albian near Pula)
 A probable sauropod track
A pebbly beach, Pula.
 Some parallel sauropod trackways near Pula.
 Recent dog tracks showing varieties in preservation.
 Lovrečica: a damaged theropod trackway. A buldozer went over them during some construction works.
 Lovrečica: a theropod track.
 Some unusual traces from a Pula beach.
 Sauropod tracks near Pula.
 Theropod tracks (Pula)
 Cliffs (Pula)
 Rudists (Pula)
 A beach in Pula