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Nodosaur and possibly Rhabdodon finds in Quarry Stranice near Slovenske Konjice (repost from BDW 2005)

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Triceratops by BeriMimi

Mesozoic Mosaic pg #5

Illustration: Sauropelta - by Beri (graphite), Copyright © 2004-2005 Berislav Krzic
Mesozoic Mosaic pg #5

Photograph of Struthiosaurus austriacus (Bunzel 1870) fossil on display in Natural History Museum in Vienna
Site: Muthmannsdorf near Wiener Neustadt, Austria

Struthiosaurus might look like a cross between Edmontonia and Sauropelta, says Kenneth Carpenter, Ph.D.

Struthiosaurus References

(update 2014)

Nodosaur and possibly Rhabdodon finds in Quarry Stranice near Slovenske Konjice

In the sediments of Quarry Stranice (kamnoloma Stranice) near SlovenskeKonjice (Campanian; gosauski razvoj) in north-east Slovenia, fossils of single and colonial corals were found. In addition to the corals, bivalves, fragments of sponges, snail shells, ostracodes, briozoa, algae and foraminifera were also found. On the west side of the site, near Lipa, fragments of fish teeth, a crocodylian tooth and
the long bones of dinosaurs were discovered. These fossils were first found in 1999 by Franc Pajtler, and researched by Dr. Irena Debeljak. Dr. Debeljak (ZRC SAZU) thought the bones possibly belonged to a medium-sized quadrupedal plant-eating nodosaur, which was a member of the family Ankylosauria. This is the second discovery of dinosaurs in Slovenia. The first one, near Kozina, was in an area that was separated from Quarry Stranice in the Upper Cretaceous by the sea, precluding a comparison of the fauna from the two sites. The fossils of dinosaurs, crocodylians, turtles and freshwater fish indicate a rich vertebrate fauna at that time. The nearest site to Stranice with nodosaur remains is in the vicinity of Vienna (Muthmannsdorf -Wienerneustadt, Avstria). The locality of Quarry Stranice (kamnoloma Stranice) near Slovenske Konjice thus becomes an important palaeontological find.
The fossils are on display in the Natural History Museum in Ljubljana:

English translation: Berislav Krzic

Edited by: Brian Franczak

Note (Feb/2014): as to my knowledge, up to this day, no further research has been conducted regarding the Quarry Stranice fossil finds.


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