Friday, 11 April 2014

Dinosaur comic

A few words from author/editor/blogger

 A quarter of the century ago my friend Brian Franczak and I started a dinosaur comic project called "Lost Worlds". We were very enthusiastic about it. I think we have done some 12 finished panels and about the same amount of pencils. To make the long story short, the project never took off and was abandoned. For some time I have been thinking of reviving it. Many years have passed, and an enormous amount of new discoveries were made in the meantime, making it ever harder to use the old drawings without going into extensive, time consuming revisions. Nevertheless, I have decided to try to update the comic panels and publish them one way or another. So here it is. The first episode is published on my blog Dinosaur comic. A lot of work went into the production and revision. I hope you'll enjoy reading. Anyhow, this comic is given a second chance, but its frequency and its life span will depend on your visits. Like everything else on the web.

Berislav Krzic

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