Sunday, 2 November 2014

Yet another dinoturbation at one of Pula's beaches

Walking along the beach in Pula, yesterday (01/11/2014) I have discovered yet another trackway outcrop. The new tracks are not the first class quality , but it is obvious that it's a dinoturbation and a few tracks can be defined. Besides the omnipresent sauropods, it seems I have found yet another intriguing footprint (the second one) that might have belonged to some "Proto-megalania" (not featured in this article).

A large dinosaur trackway (iguanodontoid or ankylosaur? Possibly under tracks or shallow tracks on a dried surface). This layer is a bit higher than the one featured above (roughly half a meter), but it is the same beach/outcrop.

I have selected this track as the best preserved one from the lower layer, but that doesn't mean I am sure about the track maker. At the site I thought I was looking at the sauropod manus-pes set. Now I am more inclined towards the tyreophoran (ankylosaur?) origin. But maybe it was an ornithopod. Anyway, I need to check out this new site again.

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