Tuesday, 1 November 2016

The large dromaeosaurs and giant theropods

A little critter is enjoying the Autumn sun on the wall of the local cemetery in Valtura.

Pula the other day. The elusive large dromie footprint (a natural cast) on top of ankylosaur tracks. There is no doubt that the ankylosaur herd was closely monitored by the large dromies and giant theropods.
With the foot measuring about 30 cm in length, the dromaeosaurid must have been some 5 meters long in total.  Even such a formidable beast would not try to confront the giant adult polacanthid, but was most likely hunting the young and subadult ones when not under the protection of the herd. Despite the popular notion, I haven't found any proof for gregarious behaviour in the dromies. Rather, they seemed to have been the solitary hunters.

A heavy dinoturbation: mostly titanosaur tracks, but also some iguanodontoid and theropod ones.

Pula jučer: ukusni plodovi maginja (Arbutus unedo)

Sunset in Pula

 Dinosaur book

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