Thursday, 16 January 2014

A dinosaur oriented blog

After a couple of weeks of posting on my first (experimental in a way) blog "Oberon Cartoons", dedicated to my interests, inspiration and my cartoons, I came to a conclusion that the blog was too diverse and that I have too much material to show.  Thus, I thought it would be only appropriate to start another blog which would deal mostly with the paleontology stuff. So here is the blog "A Mesozoic Mosaic".

You may wonder about my banner design.The dinosaurs and a few other Mesozoic reptiles (a pterosaur, a crock and a varanid lizard) are featured on the right side of the banner, while facing them from the left side are an African elephant Loxodonta africana male, a horse and a woman of average height. The featured prehistoric animals are all members of the Early Cretaceous Istrian ichnofauna I have been researching more than 3 years. Their looks are fictional, but probably not far from true. The size of some of the track makers is enormous even for dinosaur standards. The iguanodontoid tracks are currently the largest in the World.
The "BDW" logo is for "Beri's Dinosaur World". That was the name of my old and now extinct Geocities site I started in 1997. Geocities sank several years ago carrying with it thousands of interesting and vital sites into oblivion. I kept the logo and I am still using it for one old and neglected BDW site.

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