Thursday, 30 January 2014

More Istrian theropod tracks

More often than not, the dinosaur tracks are almost invisible to an untrained eye. Here are a couple of theropod tracks from the Cape Kamenjak (the Grakalovac Promontory), near Premantura, Istria, Croatia.  The site is of the Late Cretaceous age (Cenomanian). My interpretation is the yellow outline on the right. The upper and lower images are not to scale (note the size of my foot for reference).
Of course, there is a chance one can misinterpret an artifact for a true track. If there are more footprints on the rocky surface you are surveying, the better chances are the questionable ones are genuine as well.

Measuring points for a right theropod footprint. For the left one, you just flip the image.

 Some of the better preserved, more visible tracks from the same site were described in the paper free to download.

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