Sunday, 30 March 2014

Dinosaurs were messy ...

... when leaving their tracks!

So, you have decided on finding your own dinosaur tracks? The ones nobody has noticed yet? Or at least nobody has  announced his/her finds publicly. You are expecting to find a nice trackway on a relatively flat rocky surface? Possibly three-toed nice and clear theropod footprints in a sequence? Yeah, right! Chances of finding a track like that are almost equal to finding a nicely preserved relatively complete and articulated fossil skeleton. 
Take a look at the muddy paths where humans and animals left their traces today or yesterday. Are these all well defined traces? Come back in a week and see what's left of them. Consider that dinosaurs left their tracks millions of years ago...

Here is my attempt of interpreting some (probable) theropod tracks from Pula, that are about 100 million years old. They were preserved during the low tide.

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