Friday, 21 March 2014

My old view at the good old T.rex

Here is my quarter of a century old Tyrannosaurus rex painting. If you look at it carefully, you'll notice the "fleshy" lizard-like lips on the beloved theropod. Given an even a closer look at the painting, you'll notice a few water birds in the background. The birds caused sort of a commotion among the visitors, who thought they were educated in the issue, at the opening of the exhibition of my prehistoric animals paintings at the Croatian Natural History Museum in Zagreb in 1994. Most people knew only about the Archaeopteryx as the sole Mesozoic bird at the time, so my intentional provocation with the duck-like birds hit the chord. I know that this sounds like a joke today, but the greatest bird (and dinosaur) discoveries were yet to come.
Also notice the legs are not in a (popular) squatting position, but more errect, which does make sense for the animal of that size.
The painting was produced in gouache in 1988 and it has been in the collection of the CNHM in Zagreb since 1991.

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