Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Giant sauropod track and a mysterious impression

I have found this giant sauropod track (manus-pes set) in Pula. Pes is about 115 cm long. That was one very large titanosaur. The manus impression has infilling of the typical crescent shape. The sauropod tracks are not rare in these Early Cretaceous rocks, but something else caught my eye. It's a mysterious impression on the right. At first I thought it was a theropod track.

It appears to be from the right foot of a theropod. But is it so? On the second look it seems there are at least 4 long toes curving slightly to the left and the "heel" looks atypically broad for theropods. Now I am thinking in the direction of a very large crock or even a varanid lizard. If this was left by the lizard, it was about the size of Megalania. This is the second print of the kind I have found on Pula beaches.

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