Sunday, 14 September 2014

Pula and Brijuni

The view to the Porer lighthouse from the Verudela resort (Pula 9/2014)

 Tough roots making their way through the limestone.

 The recent sea gull trackway in cement from the Stoja camp (Pula)

The most photographed theropod footprint from the Pogledalo site of the Main Brijun island.

The next theropod footprint in a sequence (it comes after the one the photograph above) of the trackway from the Main Brijun island is the deeper one. The shallow one just bellow it in the photograph was made by another theropod of the same size (or the same one?) a bit later when the mud was a bit dryer. So, these are two parallel trackways. below in the left corner there is a poorly preserved impression of another theropod in the deep wet mud.

A probable small ornithopod (iguanodontoid?) track from the Main Brijun island (the Pogledalo Barremian site).

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