Thursday, 28 August 2014

Finding new tracks on the Main Brijun island

Although, the tracksites on the Main Brijun island have been described in the papers (the Pogledalo promontory site at least three times), I keep finding the new footprints there each time I visit it. There are two reasons why I manage doing that: the first is that some of the tracks are being constantly covered and uncovered by the beach pebbles, when the waves move them and the other is that some of the tracks are literally invisible until some particular kind of sun light reveals them.
Here is one of the large theropod foot impressions that is somewhat deformed. The red outline is my interpretation. The theropod's footprint is about 42 cm long.
This is an Early Cretaceous (Barremian). About 125 million years ago.

Several smaller theropod footprints from the same site in  various states of preservation. I have interpreted some of them with the red outline.

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