Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Traces of destruction at the Lovrecica track site

In this photograph the tracks of a medium-sized theropod from the Lovrecica Mid-Cretaceous track site are visible. The Istrian limestone (kirmenjak) is known for its toughness and durability. After all, many of the Istrian/Croatian and Italian towns used it extensively as building stone. Venice is the best known for its use.
Nevertheless, the damage left by the bulldozer driving over the outcrop is visible. It bruised the track's displacement rim (the white traces).
 The entire pieces of track bearing rock surface are missing now. The newspapers were sensationalistic in their reports claiming the tracks had been stolen. In my opinion it is a clear case of the negligence, ignorance and above all lack of protection implementation.

My interpretation is the red outline on the right. The bottom footprint is speculative.

A view at the sleepy Lovrecica, one early December morning in 2012.

The oak trees growing on the beach vis-à-vis Lovrecica.

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