Monday, 4 August 2014

Some tracks from the Main Brijun island

The trackways outcrop at the Pogledalo promontory of the Main Brijun island. Early Cretaceous of the ADCP (Adriatic-Dinaridic carbonate platform).

Some Barremian tracks from the Main Brijun island (the Pogledalo promontory), with my interpretation attempt.

Outlined in green is apparently a left foot impression of a large iguanodontoid. Bellow it in the photograph is a right footprint of the medium-sized theropod (red outline). There has been some skidding in the mud of both animals. The iguanodontoid track is partially (toe-hooves II and IV) a positive (cast). There is a track I couldn't figure out (this time) left of the iguanodontoid footprint.

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