Thursday, 6 February 2014

Funny looking dinosaurs in vintage comics Part 3

Really hilarious Brontosaurus (now officially called Apatosaurus) on this old panel cartoon. The smile on his face is just precious. The Pteranodon, on the other side, looks pretty grumpy.

Besides  the two headed dragon beast, the planet Mongo's obviously supported some nasty Stegosaur-like creatures that  had some peculiar fangs in their jaws. Lucky for Flash Gordon and his pals, the animals seem to be very slow and clumsy, so the brave hero can cut them down with his sabre before they can do any harm.

Wonder Woman appears to be lassoing a dinosaur-looking creature... or is it a dragon? Or is it a man in a rubber suit? A stone age woman coming running to help her or the "dinosaur pet"?
Instead of having her for a lunch, the dirty old T. rex seems to be more interested in ripping off her clothes. Precision at work!

The three jungle girls (from which jungle?) armed with toothpick spears and a revolver (?) are charging the formidable  (vaguely) Triceratops looking animal, to save their companion whose foot is trapped under a dry twig (?). Another woman is jumping from the tree on the animal's back. The women have extremely long legs, while the "Triceratops" has some extra toes. In total about 8-10 on each front foot, instead of 5.

For a change, here is my Supergirl vs. Pteranodon flock drawing from 2005: