Monday, 24 February 2014

Late Cenomanian theropod tracks

  Last year (2013) I finally visited the track site situated on an Istrian natural reserve park the cape "Kamenjak". There are Late Cretaceous (late Santonian) dinosaur tracks all over the place, but the best preserved are on the Grakalovac promontory, on the beach, near the entrance to the park.

A nice medium-sized theropod trackway is marked with ugly black circles (A). My interpretation (B). However, there are more theropod footprints scattered all around. See one in filled with the sediment (C) and my interpretation with a couple of more less preserved prints (D).
The larger tracks that nobody could identify so far, are also marked with black circle. They seem to me like the prints of a fairly large ankylosaur. More about it in the next post.

The Italian paleontologist Fabio Marco Dalla Vecchia wrote extensively on the dinosaur fossils in Istria. Here is one of the papers.

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