Saturday, 8 February 2014

Funny looking dinosaurs in vintage comics Part 4

Quite often, we just don't pay enough attention to the detail the comic book artists put into their artwork. I'll try to analyse a few vintage comic book covers for you. They are just packed with action and information!

"... Modern Man versus Ancient Beast!!"
A Neanderthal man carrying a "modern" sleeping beauty under his left arm is preparing to check out the deep tendon reflexes of an old and grumpy T. rex, by hitting his knee with a rather nasty looking stone axe. Another T. rex is emerging behind the palms, to help out her (his?) partner.

A wannabe T.rex monster emerging from the yellow lake to scare the small brave and unarmed  research party, consisting of two male members, one female and a couple of cute hovering robots. There seem to be something even worse than the three stories high, toothy monster that obviously intends to either eat the alive part of the team, or step on them, or both. Because the two men are staring into the other approaching danger, that is obviously, a little bit to the right and behind the "T.rex". Maybe they arrived just at the moment the asteroid was to hit the (another ) Earth (in another universe)? Thus, they will be probably saved from the T.rex, still unaware of his imminent demise, just to be obliterated by the asteroid a few moments later. Alas, one cannot escape his/her kismet.

A brave soldier pinned down to the ground by the mighty Triceratops tail has enough strength and courage to warn  Kona of a tossed grenade. The grenade is either the size of a large pineapple, or it's flying well over Kona's head. So the warning was unnecessary. Triceratops directed by the grenadier villain, smashes an American tank, of apparently very poor quality, to pulp. The other villain, riding the head of  a T. rex lookalike theropod shoots the bursts of gun-fire at the Triceratops.  He is probably angry because the animal is blocking his view towards the laying, but still alive, G-man and Kona. He just can't make a clear shot! Damned Triceratops! Drop dead!
The stone-age Kona has no problems in handling the modern-looking machine gun.

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