Friday, 9 May 2014

Back to Grakalovac (3)

It is a bit strange but the small theropod track morphotype fits the really ancient theropod foot bones. The one by the late Triassic Coelophysis. I speculate that these footprints were maybe left by a ceratosaurid or possibly by a compsognathid. The "large compsognathid from the early Cretaceous Yixian formation of China"  Huaxiagnathus is almost big enough to be a suspect. It's foot is only about 25% shorter than this Grakalovac (Kamenjak 1) diminutive theropod footprint. The proportions of the toes are quite similar. So our mini theropod might have been some close relative of this Chinese predatory dinosaur.

The articulated Huaxiagnathus feet in profile, from the paper.

Marvelous looking flat exposed rocks on the Grakalovac promontory. The view from a higher track baring outcrop. Some of these feature ripple marks and some of them still hide other tracks and traces.

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