Monday, 5 May 2014

Large iguanodontoid track

Here we are back on a Pula beach (late Albian). This is the same sauropod dinoturbated site where I have found a couple of speculative "stegosaur" prints (which in fact might just be the small sauropod ones - see my previous posts for details). What you are looking at, I believe might be a partial print of a large iguanodontoid pes (a natural cast). I have found indications of more prints of the similar size near by. Unfortunately, none of the prints is a "perfect" specimen that would make everybody convinced. The dinoturbated, brecciated surface is full of large and small sauropod tracks. There are also some theropod tracks.
For scale: the little black bag is 13 cm long and you can see the tip of my sandal and toes in the left upper corner.

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