Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Grakalovac theropod tracks mystery (2)

Here is Fabio's (Dalla Vecchia et all, 2001) map of the Grakalovac (K1) site. In my opinion it is incomplete because the important (new?) tracks are omitted. The photograph below is turned upside down for coordinating the map's view point and the map's contents. "B" and "C" stand for the footprints and their track makers (see my diagram in the previous post). "S" stands for the undefined sauropod or/and ornithopod tracks.

In the mosaic photograph below are the tracks and the pace lengths of Grakalovac theropods arranged by size, growing from left to right. In this case, it seems the smaller the theropod, the relatively longer pace.

The next mosaic photograph are the closeups of some individual prints. "D" is mostly in-filled outline of the track. The track marked with "D" is outside the map area. "S" is apparently an oval shaped manus-pes set  of a very small sauropod. The pes has the drag marks behind it.

Although at the first sight the image in the first row below appears to be medium-sized, it is in fact just a partial print, missing a good deal of the heel. This prints is also outside the Fabio's map. In the right is the enlarged and superimposed red outline of the "C" print. It is revealing the true shape and size of this print (about 36-38 cm long).
The bottom row is the "D" print again with the interpretation on the right.

More to come in one of the posts to come: Are the peculiar tracks on Grakalovac, hadrosaur baby tracks or the prints left by a very small ornithopod ?

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