Thursday, 10 July 2014

Having epiphany, but lacking camera

It was a nice long weekend in Pula. It was a bit too hot and humid but on a bright side the water was warm and pleasant for snorkeling. I had an epiphany on a rocky beach we frequented over the years. While waiting to get dry enough to take our clothes on after swimming I took a good lock at the rock we were standing on. It was full of small theropod tracks! They were poorly preserved, faint and hardly detectable, but they were there! I managed finding a couple of trackways consisting of three consecutive tracks of the same animal in each trackway. Unfortunately, I didn't bring camera with me and we were soon to take our trip back to Ljubljana.

Some nice strong current ripples. The layer has been uncovered recently, so it looks like the tide has receded and left these traces just hours ago. In fact, it was about 100 million years ago.

Why do I hate ripple marks? Because they can trick you into thinking that you have found a dinosaur track! It is tough to be certain in a case like this.

Nice old ripple marks (100 million years old!)

A poorly preserved theropod trackway (Pula). Something is strange about this footprint. It seems like it lacks toe #2 or that it is very short (?) Could it be a dromaeosaurid? The theropod tracks in Pula that could be attributed to this group of dinosaurs are extremely rare. At the time (Early Cretaceous) Istria (ADCP) was probably attached to the Afro-Arabian continent.
A giant saurood trackway (Pula)
A small salt pond In Pula

Above: A nice natural cast footprint of a medium-sized ankylosaur (Pula)

Living on the hedge!

This looks like a sauropod pes track... or on the second look it may be an iguanodontoid track.. I'll have to check on this one.

I can see some tracks here ... hmmm..or do I?

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