Tuesday, 29 July 2014

The tracks again

A couple of shallow large theropod footprints sticking below the rock. (125 mya) The Main Brijun island.

A dinosaur trackway in Pula (100 mya) probably a large theropod.

 "Is that a dinosaur track on the bottom?"

A probable large fish feeding trace in Pula.

 A strange oval impression in Pula. Might be from a jellyfish.

Jellyfish are still abundant.

 Desperately trying to escape the fierce theropod.

 The wing of a "modern theropod". It is interesting to see how the feathers are attached to the wing of an ostrich.
 More ripple marks of a different pattern and an oval impression as a positive (Pula).

 A large theropod trackway (Main Brijun island).

 Several footprints of some messy large theropods left on the beach about 125 mya.

An early Cretaceous outcrop in Pula.

 A poorly preserved dinosaur trackway near Pula ( a large theropod?)

 Some nice 100 million years old ripple marks from Pula.

A Yeti or a Sasquatch footprint? No way. This is from Pula and it is 100 million years old. This looks like a dinosaur track to me. A very interesting track! If it is a dino track I am speculating about an ankylosaur footprint with a skidding trace. The ankylosaur dinoturbation was just around the corner. I am not sure about this one, because this is a lone one. However, the shape and the size of this "footprint" are similar to the ones from the dinoturbation.

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