Saturday, 14 June 2014

A few photographs from Istria

A juvenile sea gull is posing for my camera (Portorose, Istria, Slovenia).

A large Medusa swimming near the Main Brijun Island (Istria, Croatia).

A nice sauropod track from the Late Albian (Early Cretaceous) of Pula. It is the right manus/pes set of the Brontopodus type.

A dwarf sauropod trackway (probably Titanosaurimanus nana, Dalla Vecchia and Tarlao 2000) at the Solaris oucrop (Istria, Croatia)

Nice large Early Cretaceous ripple marks on Pula beach.

A dinosaur footprint, probably a large theropod on Pula outcrop.

Lovreńćica Cenomanian track baring outcrop. One of the theropod tracks is visible in the photograph.

A right pes track of apparently enormous anklyosaur at one of the Pula's ankylosaur dinoturbations. Sauropelta pes outline from Carpenter is on the right. The animals seem to have been gregarious. Beside a few gigantic prints there are at least two parallel trackways of somewhat smaller ankylosaurs.

The right pes of much smaller ankylosaur (but still large) from the same Pula outcrop. The length of the pes is about 45 cm. The length of the larger one was in the range of 70-75 cm.

A sunset in Pula.

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