Sunday, 15 June 2014

Some photographs

A photo from my yesterday's bike ride around Ljubljana. This was the end of the path. Even machete wouldn't help me to go through the foliage ahead, so I am turning back to pick up another path for biking.

A piece of "Mesozoic" along my bike ride. The dawn redwood (Metasequoia glyptostroboides).

Part of the nice path for biking and hiking around Ljubljana.

 From my yesterday's 's bike ride: A suburban jungle with a predatory Felis domesticus.

A giant iguanodontoid track, Pula, Early Cretaceous. The first giant dinosaur track I have discovered in Pula in 2009 was the one partly visible in the left lower corner. At first I thought it was from a giant theropod. Now it seems it belonged to the same iguanodontoid.

A medium size ankylosaur right pes - Main Brijun island, Early Cretaceous (Albian). my interpretation is the green outline.

Poorly preserved small theropod trackways on one of Pula's dinoturbations.
 Pula beach- Early Cretaceous (Late Albian) - probably a bottom feeding trace of a large fish.

 The Main Brijun island.

Iguanodontoid footprint on the Main Brijun island port pier. Previously it has been interpreted as a theropod track.

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