Monday, 2 June 2014

Linden blossoming and Deinocheirus

So, what do blossoming linden trees  and Deinocheirus mirificus have in common?
I am about to complete the illustration of Deinocheirus (below - almost done) for my upcoming article in Slovenian popular science magazine "Življenje in tehnika". In the meantime the linden trees have blossomed all over the town. It's a rare opportunity when one can actually enjoy the pleasant smell of otherwise traffic busy city.
Here is a pair of Mongolian Late Cretaceous ostrich-like theropods Deinocheirus mirificus. Don't get too attached to the image, yet, because the fossils haven't been researched properly nor the paper written yet. However, some images that had surfaced on the Internet showed the animal had a hump on its back and a rather long narrow snout that was broad at the tip, almost like in the duck billed dinosaurs. I might get back to correcting or rendering some features after seeing the paper. By the way, these theropods were the tallest discovered so far and it also seems that they were herbivorous.

Now, here is a linden in full bloom:

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