Monday, 16 June 2014

Incredibly large iguanodontoid from Pula

I made a series of images to illustrate the size of the huge iguanodontoids that had left their footprints in Pula. The first one: The middle hoof impression of the animal's foot (toe #3) compared to my feet size #46. Note the radial striae that might have been the cracks in the tough keratinous hoof. Notice the displacement rim around the impression. I saw those radial cracks in some hadrosaur fossils. The image in the middle is my interpretative outline (red) and the last image is photograph of an actual hadrosaur from the Oldman Formation hoof fossil (transparent) placed on top of the track and resized to fit (no distortions were used).

The whole foot impression is some 130-140 cm long. The animal must have been at least 18 meters long. probably longer.

The whole footprint of this iguanodontoid from an oblique view. Yellow outline is my interpretation.
I am standing on the other footprint of probably the same animal (same dimensions). However, this one has infilling.

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