Saturday, 28 June 2014

More news from the Early Cretaceous of Pula

A rather "crappy" dinosaur track I have found the other day on the rocks of Pula beach. It's probably a large theropod footprint (see my interpretation on the right).

 During my last visit (last week) in Pula, the weather was warm and humid and changing frequently.
A view from the window at the shower.

A nice small theropod track. I have found more tracks near by.

A view at the sea before the storm.

 Lichens on an oak tree (Pula).

 "Human" footprints that are about 100 million years old on Pula beach. My theory is that these traces were left by the large fish feeding on the bottom of the shallow sea in the intertidal zone.

Podarcis siculus adriatica (Werner, 1902) Taking a sunbath on a hedge (Pula)

The view of the Cape Stoja from Zlatne stijene (Golden Cliffs) in Pula, before the storm (the other day)

 One of the numerous sauropod trackways in Pula (100 mya). I have found it the other day.

 A piece of rock with some kind of impression that might be a diminutive dinosaur footprint (an ornithopod?) from the Cape Kamenjak, Istria. I have picked it near the theropod track site.

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