Thursday, 5 June 2014

Pinocchio rex

It took me a while to get to restoring the looks of the tyrannosaurid popularly called "Pinocchio rex"
Qianzhousaurus sinensis. So here it is at last:

 Ups!....Sorry. Here it is. The face of  Qianzhousaurus sinensis probably looked like this:

For comparison, here is my profile portrait of the contemporary Alioramus remotus, I have done about 10 years ago (or more?). It has no "clothes" according to the fashion among the paleo illustrators at the time. The "fuzzy dinosaurs" started massively emerging in the last several years.

 Qianzhousaurus was larger than Alioramus and the fossil belonged to an adult animal, while the Alioramus fossils were from the subadults, according to researchers.


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